For a great Karaoke experience, Top of the Line provides you with professional hosts for your party. We are guaranteed to spice up any party and we have the Karaoke DJs to get your party started. We come to you equipped with thousands of karaoke tunes, (which are updated frequently so you have all the newest popular songs to sing) and the best in karaoke equipment to enhance you and your guests' vocal skills, and the experience to help make everyone feel comfortable when it's their turn in the spotlight.

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Weekly Schedule


Sonny's Tavern, Bloomfield
630 S Millvale Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (412) 683-5844
930pm to 130am


Pizza Milano
1304 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
10pm to Midnight


Stack'd Burgers & Beer, Oakland
3716 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (412) 681-1800
8pm to midnight


Pleasure Bar, Bloomfield
4729 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 412.682.9603


Nico's Recovery Room, Bloomfield
178 Pearl Street, Bloomfield (412) 681-9562
930pm to 130 am
*Voted Best Bar to Karaoke - Pittsburgh City Paper*